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November 12, 2013

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Nike Steps Up To the Plate

It's hard to not be discouraged by the amount of waste that goes into making the stuff we buy, wear, use and eventually get rid of.

Lately though, one company is giving us reason to be hopeful for the future.

When you think of Nike, that iconic swoosh probably comes to mind. Or one of their legions of sponsored athletes, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, etc., telling you to Just Do It. Or shoes outfitted with the latest athletic technology, promising to help you run farther, jump higher and play harder. The most popular brand in the sports world is known for many things. But as one of the largest retailers of athletics shoes, gear and equipment, sustainability hasn't always been one of them.

That's why we were so excited to learn Nike is now turning its eye towards a more closed-loop approach to business. Their Considered Design philosophy looks for ways to reduce waste and limit environmental impact through the manufacturing process. The Reuse A Shoe campaign aims to recycle shoes into sports surfaces like basketball courts and running tracks. Their company-wide strides toward lowered impacts on water, labor and waste can be tracked through their site.

Their push to make their built environments more eco-friendly has accelerated in recent years, and they consistently incorporate reclaimed and reused materials into their office buildings, warehouses and storefronts. Their latest move to build a retail space in China completely out of repurposed trash was covered in this great piece by Earth 911.

Oh yeah, and they're still making super rad shoes. Keep it up, Nike.