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Inspiration Index: Let there be light (fixtures)

We've all seen them: sad, dusty, slightly dingy light fixtures. Often missing parts, covered in a thin layer of grime, these once brilliant luminaries seem lackluster and limp. Should we just toss them? Pass them by at our local reuse center or thrift shop? Sigh and think of their former glory days with nostalgia?
Of course not! A quick cleaning, some slight modifications and POW, these light fixtures are good as new (better, some might say!). SHAZAM, a chandelier is repurposed into an earthy planter. WHAM, a pendant light is upcycled into a hip terrarium. ZONKS, a ceiling light is transformed into a tranquil bird feeder. Holy reuse, batman! 
Check out these great reuse ideas, then dust off a light fixture and make it something awesome. For more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest. We're super pinners. 

Remove the bulb and electric parts. Fill with succulents and sand. Enjoy.
Easily turn a ceiling light into a tranquil bird feeder.
Paint the glass panes of a light fixture for an Anthropologie knockoff mirror.
A glass paneled light makes the perfect hanging planter.
Bring Jurassic Park to your desktop with this luscious terrarium.

Give your pots a hand (or 10!) with help from a chandelier.
A pendant light makes a gorgeous, inexpensive terrarium.
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