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January 29, 2014

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Head of the Class:PlanetReuse teaches Notre Dame Students about Sustainability

Recently, PlanetReuse was given the chance to partner with students at Notre Dame throughout the Social Entrepreneurship Class. After the semester was over, we caught up with the group to see what they had learned from PlanetReuse as a case study, their thoughts on sustainable business and what was next for this group of bright young kids. 

PR: So why did you want to partner with PlanetReuse?

ND: PlanetReuse appeared to be a company that truly encompasses the meaning the of social entrepreneurship. The company’s products and services are way interesting way of addressing the problem of wasted construction materials. 

PR: Do you hope to go into social enterprise after graduation? How do you think social enterprises will change the landscape of business in the future (if you do)?

ND: One of the team members on the project is currently working a project utilizing business to empower low caste women in India. Social enterprises are the forefront of the next evolution of business. Customers will eventually require all businesses to have a social benefit. In the future, businesses will have to find innovative ways to offer socially beneficial products and services.

PR: What are your thoughts on spreading the mission of social enterprises? How might an organization best use its time and resources to reach your demographic? (Social media, traditional marketing, etc.)

ND: Spreading the mission of social enterprises will be absolutely integral to making larger impacts in the future...The internet is the future of marketing, so obviously utilizing various social media platforms will be very important in establishing positive relationships, and creating internet content that goes “viral” will help to capture attention and increase awareness about a social mission.

Thanks again to Notre Dame for allowing us to partner with such an impressive group of students. It's experiences like this, and people like these, with boundless passion, innovativeness and ingenuity, that make us excited to see what the future has in store for all of us. 

Go Fighting Irish!