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The ReSpace Competition Is Back & We Are Ridiculously Excited.

 We are so excited to announce that we've partnered with The ReSpace Competition! Back for its second year, this amazing program focuses on sustainability, asking applicants to design an indoor/outdoor space for Hope House. ReSpace submissions must incorporate reused materials into the design and will allow Hope House to grow their program and further their community-based impacts.  
As if that wasn't reason enough to celebrate this event, all proceeds raised go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Wake County, NorthCarolina
The winner of the 2012 contest was titled "Light Wall" and was a stunning art piece made from reclaimed wood and materials, which used repurposed glass to create stunning light displays. 
The ReSpace competition is open to anyone. Designs from diverse locations, age groups and disciplinary backgrounds are encouraged. Think you have what it takes to be the next ReSpace champion? Prove it! Check out all the application details here. Submissions are due February 20th. 
"Design must be thoughtful, deliberate, and inspired at all scales, from the smallest building details to the organization of entire cities. The quality of design is especially important as the scale of the space approaches the scale of its inhabitants—the relationship of light, mass, texture, and warmth to the human experience is immediate and intimate. The use of salvaged or reclaimed materials adds another layer to this experience—a connection to the past and the cycles of time. " - Paul J. Lipchak, AIA, AICP