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September 17, 2013

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The Shipping Container Shuffle

Maybe you've seen them on trains, boats or flatbed trucks. They're hauled across the country and across the world, their square metal bodies easily recognizable. Their utilitarian build isn't the most glamorous, their boxy shape not the most delicate.  
Shipping containers. 
Probably not the first thing you think of when you're dreaming of your ideal home or office. Maybe not the second, third or fourth either. But several innovative designers have re-imagined these sensible shippers in new and amazing ways. Once just a way to get stuff from point A to point B, these structures are now living exciting second lives as pizza trucks, music stages, starbucks and vacation getaways. Lookout, shipping containers coming through!  
Starbucks recently opened a new location in a shipping container

From cargo holder to quaint hideaway 

Creative companies use containers as vibrant pop up shops 

Containers are stacked on one another for multi-level living

Industrial packaging is repurposed into a pizza kitchen on wheels! 

An architect used 12 shipping containers to create a family getaway in Maine

A Canadian community center welcome hut

A container is upcycled into a music stage

A shipping container can be the perfect self-contained store 

Posted by: Sarah Rendo