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August 30, 2013

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Inspiration Index: Sinks

If you're like us, you may not spend very much (any) time thinking about sinks. They're nice to have when you need them, but other than in the kitchen or (hopefully) in the bathroom, the percentage of our brain that is taken up by thinking about sinks is...well...slim.  They're porcelain or steel, functional, and pretty much blend into their surroundings.
But what if you could create a sink that would make people stop and stare. A sink that would cause outbursts of "that's gorgeous" or "stunning" or "are you crazy?" We've rounded up amazing examples of DIYers from around the web who have taken an ordinary sink and turned it into a wondrous water basin, an outstanding bathroom accessory, an amazing kitchen accompaniment

Stitch up some style with a reused sewing machine
Ride on! We're loving this bicycle project. 

X marks the spot on this trunk turned bathroom sink

The perfect man cave bathroom accessory

Dress up a bathroom with a beautiful vanity dresser  

We're over a barrel about this rustic, unique bathroom sink

Do your home improvement homework. Make a sink from a wooden desk

Giant bowls make for delicate, colorful washbowls
Transform a table into the perfect bathroom sink 
Posted by: Sarah Rendo