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July 22, 2013

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Inspiration Index: Plumbing Parts

I know what you're thinking. Plumbing parts, really? Trust us on this one. Repurposed plumbing parts are the perfect DIY material: they're modern, industrial and effortlessly chic. They tell a message of times past, a stripped down style that is at once functional and beautiful.  
Your local reuse center is a flush (ha!) with pipes, fittings, valves and knobs. Check out the projects below, all of which use upcycled metalwork in interesting and intelligent ways, then get to DIYing.  
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Reused pipes are transformed into a hip, industrial clothes hanger.

This quirky light fixture oozes nerdy charm.

The micro-rooms are made from giant, repurposed pipes!

Shine a little upcycled light with this brilliant lamp/bookcase combo.

This stylish DIY table is good for your wallet and the environment.

Bronze plumbing gives this wall lamp a modern look.

Posted by: Sarah Rendo