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Becoming Sustainable and Scalable, with Vivek Wadhwa

Last week we had the great pleasure of sitting down (digitally) with our Wall Street Journal Startup of the Year mentor, the outstanding Mr. Vivek Wadhwa. Mr. Wadhwa, who has done everything from create software to spin off companies to teach executive-level leadership courses, is an inspiration to anyone involved with a startup, especially in the tech field.   
After a brief introduction, we got down to business. Mr. Wadhwa asked us thoughtful, probing questions. He challenged us to expand our thinking on vertical markets, discussed the logistics of the reuse industry and pressed us on our ideas for scalability.  
Check out the video below for the entire discussion, and follow the competition on our Wall Street Journal company page. The conversation was very insightful and we learned a lot from the lively exchange. We look forward to continue working with Mr. Wadhwa, a man whose ethical philosophies and viewpoint on work/life balance serves as a role model to entrepreneurs everywhere.