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The End of PlanetReuse?

Our first task for the Wall Street Journal Startup of the Year competition threw us off a bit: come up with three new names, logos and taglines for our company. Wait a minute, we thought, didn't we spend weeks at the whiteboard, discussing, drawing and deliberating? Why would we start over from scratch? 
But if the Wall Street Journal tells you to do something, you do it.   
RaeAnn, Ryan and I all pitched ideas. We considered them in depth, Nathan and Jarrod pulling out ideas like meatballs out of spaghetti. We compiled the best parts of each idea like a creative club sandwhich (sorry for all the food metaphors, it’s nearly lunch). By the end of the session, we had brand new insights into branding, customer support and market positioning. While we didn’t ultimately decide to change our name or logo, we did gain new perspectives, seeing ourselves, our mission and our impact in a whole new light.
I guess the Wall Street Journal knows what it's doing. 

Posted by: Sarah