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May 16, 2013

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And The Award Goes To...

Have you ever been in a room surrounded by dynamic people who are intensely interested in the same topic?  The air is different, charged with an energy of a shared passion. That's what DECON13 was like last week.  The event, put on by the great folks at the Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA) was a shot in the arm for those who attended, renewing our excitement about deconstruction that will last us throughout the year.  

A highlight of the conference was the presentation of the BMRA awards. The awards, with super fancy, tool-inspired names honored the best and brightest in our field, and I was happy to see many of my friends walk away with accolades that applauded their commitment to building materials reuse. 

I was thrilled to win the Brass Grille Award, an award for excellence in reuse or salvage in green building design. Below is a list of the other winners and links to their respective organizations.  Check out innovative ways they are approaching sustainable building.  

 At DECON13 with Elise Zelechowski and Bob Falk  
“Emerald Reciprocating Saw” – Shaun LaBarre, ReSource
“Emerald Screwgun,” – Ted Siebert, Second Use
Both for excellence and/or innovation in the fields of deconstruction and/or building material reuse (BMR) practice.

“Chestnut Mantle” – Elise Zelechowski, ReBuilding Exchange
“Chestnut Shelf” – Dave Bennink, ReUseConsulting
both for excellence in BMR industry promotion or service

“Walnut Gavel” – Deb Stone, CookCounty Department of Environmental Control
“Walnut Mallet” – Kinley Deller, KingCounty, Washington
both for the promotion of progressive governance with respect to BMR, whether legislative, regulatory, or other
“Lapis Medallion”- BMRA Training Committee, with special recognition to Bob Falk, Forest Products Laboratory
“Lapis Pin” - Travis Blake, R3Deconstruction
both for exceptional educational, academic or training activities related to deconstruction and/or BMR.

“Brass Grille” (Continental) - Nathan Benjamin, PlanetReuse / PlanetReuse Marketplace
For excellence in employing BMR or salvage in green building or green design

“Golden Prybar” – Hammer Like
Special recognition for best poster content and display (at Sunday evening opening reception at Second Use)

“Silver Prybar” – Dirk Wassink, SecondUse
Special recognition for exceptional assistance to BMRA or to the Decon ’13 conference committees

“Silver Saw” – Paul Hughes, DeConstructionservices, LLC
Special legacy award for an exceptional practitioner who has passed away