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May 07, 2013

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Internships Available

Want to learn from social entrepreneurs, build your portfolio and have some fun this summer? Apply for one of our four summer internships in:

  • Video & Multimedia Production – Training, Educational and Promotional Video
  • Social Media & Internet Marketing  
  • Business / Customer Experience Analyst
  • Reclaimed Building Materials Brokering & Consulting


Internships begin June 3rd - August 5th (negotiable). Benefits include:
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Flexible schedule to accommodate part-time job
  • Office in a downtown KC Crossroads neighborhood entrepreneurship incubator
  • Work in a dynamic start-up environment
  • Regular hours for on-site collaboration/instruction
  • Possible travel
  • Professional growth
  • Building your resume/portfolio
  • Gaining relevant career/industry experience and confidence   
Candidates should have relevant educational background and/or experience.  

To apply please submit to Willow Lundgren at
  • A professional resume
  • Cover letter (include one of your most entertaining special skills e.g.  crab-walking, plate-spinning, best celebrity impression) - skill must be unrelated to this role
  • Relevant sample(s) of your work (bonus points awarded -- for real)