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September 27, 2012

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Antique, Brass, Gas Lantern

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Waldo was recently gifted a beautiful, antique, outdoor sconce lantern.  We know how many antique lovers there are out there, so we thought we would share a few pictures of this collector's item.  

If you're interested in purchasing this one of a kind piece, head over to for information on how to contact the store. Profits go towards funding Habitat for Humanity's mission of providing low income families with decent, affordable housing to own.  

Item details:
  • 68 inches tall
  • Brass/Copper Lid, Iron bottom
  • Hand crafted at the turn of the century
  • Lantern is made of a single piece of blown glass (there is an almost undetectable, 6 inch crack on the back panel)
  • Gas Bracketed
  • Asking price: $700

    The large, beautiful lamp 
    Brass/Copper Top

    Gas Bracket

    The two distinct pieces