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Living Building Challenge: Defining the Future and Gaining Publicity

Developed over the past few years, the Living Building Challenge (LBC) rating system is a meticulous green and sustainable rating system that is raising the bar for sustainable design. Since its establishment in 2009, only six buildings have been recognized as “living” and have acquired the LBC certification. Of the six certified buildings, PlanetReuse has aided in sourcing and supplying reclaimed materials for two of the first three projects.

Different than any other green building certification, the LBC system takes a step farther than the typical design build ratings and goes beyond design and construction to include the livability and performance of the building. The LBC views building as a process where humans are completely integrated with their surroundings and the ecosystem.

The LBC system focuses on categories of site, water, energy, health, materials, equity, and beauty. It takes approximately 14-16 months to gain this certification. Those buildings that meet all of the LBC standards go beyond the traditional definition of “building” and become a living part of the ecosystem.

This rating system is being used in eight different countries currently and is expected to grow in popularity and eventually become a global standard of building. Thank you to Jason McLennan and Cascadia for providing the vision for the future of sustainability.

Here’s some great press by CNN bringing this vision more to the masses: