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Living Future '11 - Panel Discussion: The Tyson Living Learning Center – First (of Two) Certified Living Buildings – Where do we go from here?

The Tyson Living Learning Center opened in May 2009 and on October 12, 2010 received full Living Building Status along with the Omega Center in Rhinebeck, New York; the first two certified “Living” Buildings.

In consideration of our next project, several critical themes emerge from our combined experience that we would like to explore with our breakout session:

1. Predictive Energy Modeling + Performance Monitoring
2. Zoning + Code Issues – Where are the barriers in your region?
3. Project Delivery Options –What works Best?
4. Salvaged Materials – How to Integrate into the Design and Construction Process?

Presenter Bios

Neil Myers
Neil Myers has over eleven years experience in financially-focused ecological engineering.  His knowledge of the complex world of economic and project development has helped to generate innovative natural system solutions to such complex sustainability initiatives as watershed restoration, industry and development impact management, green infrastructure and high performance design implementation, pedestrian connectivity integration, wastewater management, and community master planning.  He has been integral in identifying pioneering-type projects and developing the talented team of multi-disciplinary professionals necessary to provide investment positive solutions to satisfy all project stakeholders.  Mr. Myers earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Butler University. 

Matt Ford
Mr. Ford is co-founder of Solutions AEC, and has worked in the design and construction industry for the last 10 years. Mr. Ford’s leadership and mechanical engineering experience encompass a wide range of mechanical systems and equipment. His experience includes engineering and managing biomedical engineering buildings, large commercial buildings for Fortune 500 companies, hospital projects, and large institutional projects. Mr. Ford has participated in varying capacities in the design, construction, and commissioning for numerous LEED Certified/Certifiable projects including; Alberici’s Platinum Certified Corporate Headquarters Building, Cortex I, the William Kerr Foundation Building, and the Living Building certified Tyson Living Learning Center.

Nathan Benjamin
Nathan Benjamin - LEED AP, Principal + Founder of PlanetReuse – a reclaimed construction material broker and consultant predicated on a simple but revolutionary idea: make it easy for people to use reclaimed materials and they’ll do more of it to keep materials out of landfills. He has an Architectural Engineering degree, is on the Building Materials Reuse Association Board and worked on two of the first three “Living” projects. He worked on two of the Reuse Primer’s projects and has presented at the National Demolition Association, Greening the Heartland, GreenTown, past two Greenbuilds, Living Future, and the USGBC Federal Summit.

Daniel F. HellmuthDaniel F. Hellmuth, AIA, is a principal and co-founder of Hellmuth + Bicknese Architects, L.L.C. Mr. Hellmuth is a LEED accredited professional and has over twenty-eight years experience in sustainable design, government, housing, educational, historic preservation, transit design  and planning projects.  Dan was part of the original steering committee that established the St. Louis Chapter of the USGBC.His firm has experience on over 30 LEED projects including LEED NC, C&S, CI, and EB as well as one certified Living Building Project, the Tyson Living Learning Center that is among the first two in the world to achieve this status.

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