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Reclaimed Materials - "Tell us what you have available so we ..." - FALL '10 Newsletter

….can incorporate reclaimed materials into our projects.”  We hear this time and time again along with comments like “if I only thought about reclaimed materials more often, we could incorporate them into our designs.”

We are listening.

Over the past few months, PlanetReuse has taken a more active approach to telling you what we have with our monthly bulletin with current materials that are available.  In addition to working with design teams and current designs on projects to locate and source materials on a project, we also look to let you know about great materials we have access to that can help you save time, money and help with your sustainable goals on a project.

Here are a few examples different summaries:
September 2010
July 2010

We’ve received great feedback on the bulletin and plan to continue spreading the word about available materials.  You can always go to our listings page.  Let us know what you need on projects by sending us your drawings, material lists, etc. And to remain in-the-know about materials that are available or on their way, join our newsletter and encourage others to do so as well.