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ReuseConex-1st National Reuse Conference/Expo

If you are interested in incorporating reuse into your green building techniques, then ReuseConex is for you. Organized by the Reuse Alliance, this first-of-its kind conference allows you to learn from experts around the country.

The adaptive reuse sessions in their “Best Practice” track are designed for design and construction professionals, from remodeling contractors to interior designers, who pride themselves on implementing green strategies. While our “Reuse 101” sessions are designed for students and DIY enthusiasts looking to learn more about how reuse fits into their green building projects.

Some of the sessions focused on reuse and green building, include:
·      Pros & Cons of Building Materials Reuse and Deconstruction Strategies (Hybrid, Custom, Full)
·      Reuse in Commercial & Residential Developments
·      Historic Preservation through Reuse
·      Adaptive Reuse Case Studies (North Carolina’s Textile Mills)
·      Reuse & The Built Environment
·      Design for Reuse Primer
·      How to Create a C&D Waste Reuse & Recycling Ordinance in your Community
·      Interior Designing with Used & Repurposed Materials
·      DIY Green Roofs using Reclaimed Materials

The presence of US Green Building Council (USGBC), Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA) and Reuse Alliance members on our plenaries and panels will help foster a dynamic learning experience for you.

PlanetReuse has the pleasure of joining the great list of speakers and exhibitors.  Nathan Benjamin will be presenting on a panel on Tuesday and at the round-table on Wednesday.  Stop by and visit PlanetReuse on the Expo floor. 

If you’re interested in promoting your green building services to a regional and national audience, in addition to learning and networking, please inquire about the ReuseConex exhibitor packages.

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