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Design for Reuse Primer Released

Here's a great newly released publication for the material reuse industry.  With a real need to showcase the success stories seen in the increasing number of projects incorporating reclaimed materials as well as discuss the process, this Primer is a must read.

Funded by the US Green Building Council, this free publication shares the stories of fifteen innovative projects, from across the United States and Canada, which have successfully incorporated reused materials.

The 15 diverse projects in the Design for Reuse Primer demonstrate new models of “building green.” Material reuse is always integral to a sustainable vision of how to tread lightly on the earth, be economically pragmatic, and nurture a community. From a school for children with learning differences to a center for holistic living, these case studies are intended to provide insights about the material reuse process in a wide variety of context. By discussing the challenges and demonstrating the benefits of reclaimed materials, they hope to demystify and inspire reuse.

The Design for Reuse Primer publication and website are the latest resources of Public Architecture's ongoing efforts to demystify and promote building material reuse.

Download Public Architecture’s newly released publication, the Design for Reuse Primer

There are many great projects that are reviewed in the Primer.  PlanetReuse enjoyed working on two of the fifteen projects:

- Omega Center Center for Sustainable Living
- Operation Comeback 5200 Dauphine Street

Both projects had amazing owners and design teams that really pushed the boundaries in incorporating reclaimed materials.

Visit to download the primer and learn more.