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USGBC Iowa Chapter Monthly Program: August 18.

Every month members of the Iowa Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council get together for a program in which they can discuss and learn about new green technologies or design strategies. Their July monthly meeting will be held this afternoon with guests from The Weidt Group discussing the benefits of comparative analysis through energy modeling. "Energy modeling" can normally allow the designers and owner, "to evaluate mechanical system options and to maximize daylighting potential in early design stages."

Next month the event will change gears to focus it's attention on the world of reclaimed and salvaged materials. Guest speaker Nathan Benjamin will deliver the August program titled, "Making Reclaimed Material Reuse Easier." If you are in the area and interested in learning more about incorporating reclaimed materials into your next project, or just looking to further your LEED knowledge base, be sure to attend the Iowa USGBC Chapter August program. Find out more about registering for this event here.