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Recap: 2010 National Demolition Association Annual Convention

This year, the 2010 National Demolition Association Annual Convention was held at The Mirage in Las Vegas March 20-23. The NDA convention hosted many events which included the Exhibit Hall, Golf Tournament, speakers, and various breakout sessions. The Mirage Exhibit Hall boasted the ability to accommodate demolition equipment of any size from "everyone involved in the demolition process from around the globe."

As yet another sign that things are changing across all industries when it comes to sustainability, breakout sessions about sustainability and speakers engaged throughout the conference were equally as impressive. In addition to many other great sessions, one session explained the importance of LEED certification and was delivered exclusively to those involved with the demolition process as opposed to deconstruction. In the session, Nathan Benjamin was afforded the opportunity to speak about the significance of salvaging materials alongside John Lloyd of Lloyd's Construction Services Inc., and Jason Haus of Dem-Con Cos. LLC. It created a great dialog that received great feedback and questions. To get another perspective on this year's annual convention, click here for a wrap-up by "Recycling Today."