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Greening the Heartland 2010: May 19-21.

The 7th annual Greening the Heartland conference will be held in Minneapolis on May 19-21. This years' theme will be "Bridging" since it is now being held by both the USGBC of Minnesota and Minnesota Green Communities. Keynote for the conference will be the executive director and co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, Cameron Sinclair. Other than offering the opportunity to hear esteemed speakers, there will also be a USGBC-Heartland Regional Council meeting, workshops, sessions and tours of notable downtown Minneapolis architecture. Nathan Benjamin will be speaking on the topic of, 'Reclaimed Material Reuse: Bridging the Gap Between Have and Need' as part of the 'Holistic Green Track' sessions offered on Friday, the 21st.

The varying events scheduled at this conference will help to create an experience for attendees that will enrich their knowledge of sustainability, environmental protection, green building, social justice, LEED and Green Communities criteria. Check out more information on this must-attend event here.