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By repurposing clean and safe manufacturing cast-offs into educational materials, 

Trash for Teaching turns refuse into inspiration for the future while spreading early childhood awareness of environmental impact issues. This innovative non-profit certainly encourages the potential for lasting change that lies amidst America’s youth.

Trash for Teaching ensures that one man’s trash is another child’s treasure with a perceptive industry-specific recycling solution. They collect clean and safe donated "trash" from manufacturers and redistribute it to elementary schools at a minimal cost. The trash, affectionately referred to as "dumpster diamonds,” are usually samples, scrap pieces or materials with imperfections. But these materials are perfect for kids, who have the opportunity to transform them through a comprehensive arts education program.

The organization is based on Los Angeles with plans to expand nationally. Visit their website to donate funds or materials, purchase creativity kits made from cast-off materials, or to learn how LA-area schools can request a Treasure Truck (which runs on used vegetable oil) to provide fun and engaging environmental education on-site!