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Follow-up- YAF “Architects and Beyond.”

On January 28th, Nathan Benjamin traveled to the Windy City to participate in the Chicago Young Architect's Forum event, "Architects and Beyond." The event was well attended by those looking to up their game in a competitive market and learn from architecture professionals that weren't afraid to think outside of the box. The other presenters included Annie Mohaupt of Mohop Shoes, Jessica Lybeck of Till Creative, and Cagri Kanver of HOK Advance Strategies.

Mohaupt explained the concept behind her, "infinity sandal," which is essentially one pair of wooden soles with elastic loops that you can lace your choice of ribbon through allowing limitless possibilities! Lybeck spoke about starting up her business that specializes in, "putting the tools of design thinking in the hands of entrepreneurs, cultivating good ideas into great businesses." Lastly, Kanver explained how Advance Strategies, "help clients make value-based decisions, make effective changes and achieve quantifiable results."

For a more thorough report of the YAF event, "Architects and Beyond," please visit our friend in the blogging community, "Archiprose." Also, for more photos from the event, join the PlanetReuse Facebook group here!