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KSHB-TV (NBC 41) features OfficePort KC.

Reporter Keith King of KSHB-TV (NBC 41) made his way through OfficePort KC this week, home to PlanetReuse and several other adjustable office spaces. OPKC is a shared office space located within an older building in the Crossroads District that can be rented primarily to those looking to branch out in businesses of their own. At OPKC, all the equipment necessary to start a business, such as computers, printers and conference rooms, are provided at a low overhead. King spoke with OPKC co-founder Shaul Jolles who had this to say about his innovative communal office space vision.

"Basically it is a reflection of society right now," Jolles says. "We have a lot of people that got laid off. They need to reinvent themselves and we just give them the tool to do it in here."

Check out the 6 o'clock news spot and King's interview with Jolles in its' entirety here!