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Residential playroom project: photos uploaded!

PlanetReuse, C&G Construction, and el dorado architects collaborate on a Prairie Village, KS residential playroom project made with sinker reclaimed wood.

"The rich look and history inherent in salvaged materials can make a big difference on efforts of any scope. For a large playroom expansion, a Kansas family exploring reclaimed materials fell in love with sinker reclaimed cypress. Sinker materials are those that have been submerged for a number of years, in this case, in a Louisiana bayou for more than a century. For a cohesive visual look, the design team used the material in several ways, as flooring, wall panels and on the pitched ceiling in the interior, and for balconies on the exterior of the addition.

The cypress showed an astounding range of subtle colors from the minerals absorbed while underwater. The client felt the materials - with its heritage, story and natural beauty - was a fitting match for a space that would sustain their children's imagination for years to come."

To check out all the newly uploaded photos of the Residential Playroom project, join the PlanetReuse Facebook group and take a look at our work in the "Group Photos" section! (If you are interested in the before and after photos, take a look at the C and G Construction Facebook group in the "tyler res" photo album.