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2010 K-State Sustainability Conference.

Nathan Benjamin of PlanetReuse will travel to Kansas State University Sustainability Conference on January 30th to serve as a guest speaker. Along with Benjamin will be Stephen Hardy of BNIM Architects, Bill Hanlon of Flint Hills Technical College, and KSU College of Architecture, Planning and Design professor Gary Coates. Moderating the session will be Casey Cassias, also of BNIM Architects. Here is a little bit of information about this year's focus of the conference.

"This year's sustainability conference at K-State will focus on sharing ideas and building new networks across Kansas in the higher education community. Sustainability has become a very important word in the life of universities, but we need effective partnerships to bring meaning to that word. In the overlap between environmental stewardship, smart planning, and saving money on resource costs, universities have a responsibility to serve their own needs and those of society. They can bring action on their own campuses that radiates outward through our partnerships and outreach."

Those to attend this event include university faculty, students, and non-university professionals and a copy of the presentations will be posted to K-State Research Exchange.

Go State!