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January 07, 2010

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March 31, 2014

Good to start them young. :) especially about the impnrtaoce of each item they own – I find that these days kiddies have a lot of things and they get them easily (just ask the parents) and they don’t value the items as much. When one toy is spoilt or lost they just get a replacement. Well, actually, it happens to us adults too. We just buy and throw buy and throw.

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Haley Wilson joins team PlanetReuse!

Haley Wilson, grad student of Interior Architecture + Product Design at Kansas State University, joined PlanetReuse as an associate/intern in December 2009. Among other things, she will be helping keep our blog up to date, finding Twitter-worthy things to tweet about, making new additions to the website, and helping us out around the office. She had already made great strides in just her first few days, and we're extremely excited to have Haley as the newest team member of PlanetReuse!

- Tim Bensman, Operation Manager