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PlanetReuse featured in Jan '10 issue of Log Home Living.

Log Home Living features PlanetReuse in their latest issue called "In with the Old." Here is a taste of the article which you will find in its' entirety here.

" We've all heard the saying, "Out with the old, in with the new." People envision their homes filled with bright, shiny, new products to keep them on the cutting edge with everyone else. But with increased interest toward sustainable building practices and using what's already available, more and more homeowners are turning their interests to reclaimed materials.

Whether it's lumber from an old barn or bricks from an old warehouse, reclaimed materials can be found- and used- in a variety of places, none of which is a dumping ground. "We're trying to expand views of what reclaimed materials can be," says Nathan Benjamin, principal and founder of Kansas City-based Planet ReUse. "Some people have no way to make this connection, so the material goes to landfills predominantly." "