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Author Douglas Rushkoff was mugged on Christmas Eve in front of his Brooklyn apartment. The resulting events sent him down an interesting pathway that became the basis of a divisive new read.
Rushkoff’s book, Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back, proposes that the “market and its logic” has insinuated themselves into every aspect of our lives and separated us from authentic interaction. “You won’t agree with everything he says. I know I didn’t,” says PlanetReuse founder Nathan Benjamin. “But it provoked a good deal of thought on the work/life separation and—as an entrepreneur—how not much is certain in today’s economic environment.”
The author shares his views on buzz marketing, which he suggests turns our social interactions into promotional opportunities and blurs the lines between our personal and professional lives. (In an era of Facebook and Twitter, this resonates.) But few could disagree with some of his suggestions to reclaim our personal connections, like engaging in neighborhood activities and buying local.