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Great Resource and Article

We just became aware of Paula and her group the Reuse Network. What a cool group, doing great things to champion the cause for sustainability and deconstruction! Feel free to check them out here.

Also I found their write up about building and deconstruction practices particularly important and well written and I have attached it below.

Feel free to visit the PlanetReuse guys and the ReUse Network folks at BMRA's upcoming conference in Chicago!

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10 Tips to Better Your Recycling & ReUse Efforts:

  1. Become a ReUse Network Member Architect or Member Builder and we’ll keep you current on user-friendly solutions and frequent updates about industry practices, resources and legislation.
  2. Question your current business habits and prejudices about what can and cannot be reused and what you can influence.
  3. As a professional architect, builder, project manager, estimator, etc; ask yourself, whether you’re really taking the lead and going the extra mile in influencing diversion and environmental practices.
  4. Design a permanent diversion management strategy (architects not excluded) for your operation. Employ it even if you’re not working in a jurisdiction that requires an official Waste Management Plan, like the City of Santa Monica does.
  5. As an architect, know that you’re in a leading position to influence clients and job site practices. Refer clients to general contractors you know always employ solid waste diversion practices on their job sites and remind clients to interview builders about this aspect of their operation.
  6. As a builder, add signage to your job site as your permanent recycling strategy: What does and doesn’t go in the roll-off; cans go here, bottles here, scrap metal here, food waste here, etc.
  7. As a general contractor, try integrating your waste management practices into selling your services. This shows attention to detail and will win you projects as you set yourself apart from other builders.
  8. Assign one individual in the company and one individual on every job site that is responsible for implementing your waste management plan.
  9. Offer a Deconstruction Solution whenever remotely possible. Forego traditional demolition at every opportunity. NOTE: Just because the first client passes on deconstruction, don’t stop offering. Currently, one in three people who are given the lead time to consider a Deconstruction Solution, choose it.
  10. Think Outside the Roll-Off! Remember the savings and good things that can be achieved by donating to organization such as Deconstruction/ReUse Network, Habitat for Humanity, and Corazon.