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Rocket Surgery

Here we are almost a full year into the PlanetReuse effort, and have things changed...

Beginning with a concept for online brokering that evolved into our current state of meeting great people and connecting them with the materials they need and using the internet to leverage these connections that actually works. Not bad.

We are going through a rebranding effort lately, fixing some things on the site, tweaking the logo and exploring how we can communicate our service better. So recently after talking with a marketing firm we were asked how did we come up with our current business model. I think my answer surprised them but I said, "We shut up." And we did, we quit pretending to know all of the answers and think we could solve everything and listened to our user base. We didn't hear problems (as cheesy as it sounds), instead we used those "problems" to define our services and made them into a successful business.

I think I read this in a book from half-price books (yes even the books we buy are reused) that unless you're providing a service that makes people's lives or jobs easier you don't have a business.

Some other companies I think should shut up:

Ford, Chevy, GM - your current cars suck, this is evident because people aren't buying them. Go back to your roots and be inventive, if Henry Ford would have explored electric motors in 1891 as opposed to gasoline we'd be in a different situation. People want electric. I want electric, my wife wants electric, my friends want electric...make it happen.

Our government officials - I volunteer when I can, however I think it should be required for any elected official.

I remember a conversation coaching an inner city youth basketball league last year. And one of the 11 year olds, was talking about where he and his mom lived and the fact they had to move because the building was being torn down. I asked him if he had tried to do anything about it. He replied, (as 11 year olds who have it all figured out do) "What like invite the mayor over?! Man that dude would get lost coming over to this side..."

Good point. I suggest mandatory community service, what a great way to hear and learn about your constituents issues first hand.

CNN Money Channel - Yep. What a depressing bunch of individuals. Of course I don't expect the mainstream media to realize the exciting undercurrent of young inventors and entrepreneurs who have fantastic and sustainable ideas and concepts when their 401(k)s are face planting.

Fact is, we are all linked. Air pollution in Beijing effects air quality in Los Angeles, the water quality in Minneapolis directly effects the water quality in New Orleans.... I'm just throwing it out there but if they wanted to find ways to invest, you have a whole slew of burgeoning businesses to be a part of.

Just some thoughts.