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How Green is done and New Green is now.

Green is over.

Yep. I said it. Green is an idea that somehow what you are doing is radically and fundamentally different than the norm. The simple truth is that what began with an idea, has become widely taught and to some extent has gained a foothold of acceptance in the world (though a lot of work remains). This is all due largely in part to visionaries, who were dedicated and passionate about this planet and believed that we could all make it better.

So how is green gone?

Green is now becoming a way of life. A means of living better on a day to day basis, by doing the right thing for the planet and ultimately ourselves. In the design world, green is shifting into an exciting era of beyond green. Beyond the initial notion of how sustainability is different and instead are replacing it with just good practice. Green is moving into an era of invention that I like to call "New Green."

Instead of designing and constructing buildings that meet certain criteria, let's fundamentally shift green into a new era of radical thought and innovation. Can a building be a battery? Can it produce more energy than it consumes? Can a building treat wastewater regardless of its use? Can a building grow enough food for its occupants? Can a building produce more O2 and act as a means of carbon offsetting? Can we build completely from reclaimed materials and deconstruct for future reuse?

There is a new green. The opportunities are limitless and I believe such a strong foundation has been laid for our generation, that with drive a little bit of creativity we can in fact take green to "New Green."