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ReuseConex 2012: Growing Reuse Communities


September 26, 2012
The 2012 ReuseConex Conference is coming up, October 18-20 in Portland, Oregon and here at PlanetReuse Marketplace, we’re pretty excited. Not only is Portland one of America’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, but the conference is sure to be an inspiring, informative event for those interested in reusing, repurposing and upcycling.

Our head honcho, Nathan Benjamin, will be presenting, as will a plethora of talented, passionate people (see the full lineup here). An upcycling workshop, the Rebel Craft Rumble and keynote speech by CEO Kyle Wiens are sure to make it an educational, fun few days in Oregon. Oh, and there’s door prizes!

For more information, and to join the Reuse Alliance as we discuss the triple bottom line approach to reuse, go to

PS: Did you know that Portland was almost named Boston? The city’s founders decided it over a flip of a coin. True story.

See you soon, Portland

SXSW Eco StartUp Showcase selects PlanetReuse Marketplace powered by InvenQuery


August 21, 2012
PlanetReuse Marketplace powered by InvenQuery was selected as one of the 15 semifinalists that will present at SXSW Eco Startup Showcase presented by Austin Technology Clean Energy Incubator and Austin Energy.

Spotlighting innovation and entrepreneurship, the Startup Showcase is a one-day venture capital pitch competition exhibiting the best of cleantech startups from around the world.

Sarah Backhouse of Future360, will give a tour of clean technology innovation as the 15 semifinalists, handpicked by the Startup Showcase Advisory Board, compete before a live audience of venture investors, potential clients and a panel of Startup Showcase Judges, comprised of cleantech investment experts from top firms across the country.

This inaugural competition will take place on October 4, the second day of SXSW Eco, and includes exclusive networking opportunities for the participants as well as a conference-wide Awards Reception. Join us at SXSW Eco this year!

Here is a list of the amazing 15 Semifinalists:
CEFCO Global Clean Energy
iLumi Solutions Inc.
Kiverdi, Inc.
KleenSpeed Technologies Inc.
Nexus eWater
NuMat Technologies, Inc.
Omni Water Solutions
Radiator Labs
Staxxon LLC
ZETA Comminities

Best of luck to all of the Semifinalists!

Increase Profits with Recycling and Reuse Best Practices


August 17, 2012
There's a great article on Triple Pundit on how to make money by recycling and reusing construction material. It comes as a result of re-occurring questions that many designers, home owners, architects, developers, builders and many others about what to do with stuff coming out of projects. 

PlanetReuse would like to thank Bill Roth, Founder of Earth 2017, for his time, interest and continued outreach to help raise awareness about building material reuse.

Here is preview of the article and a link for the balance of the piece, including a link to a short video from our discussion with Bill at Sustainable Brands '12 earlier this year:
"Construction managers’ success in recycling and re-purposing materials/fixtures can make the difference on whether a construction project comes in on budget in today’s still-depressed construction industry. Two factors are driving this trend. The first is the increasing value real estate buyers and renters place upon green labeled buildings. In California a green labeled home sells for a 9 percent premium. In the commercial building market the increasing numbers of companies focused on operational efficiency has created a strong rental market for USGBC LEED certified buildings. A key feature of LEED certification and other green labeled buildings is the reuse of materials, fixtures and buildings.

Construction recycling/reuse best practices

The other major driver is a growing market in recycled materials and reusable fixtures. The construction industry uses more materials by weight than any other industry in the United States producing 325 million tons of recoverable construction and demolition materials. Approximately 8,000 lbs of waste are thrown into the landfill during the construction of a 2,000 square foot home. That is a lot of construction dollars that will either be lost to landfill tipping fees or gained by successfully selling this material for recycling or reuse."

Here's a link to the rest of Bill's article.  Enjoy!

Sustainable Brands 2012 - PlanetReuse Marketplace


July 03, 2012

In June, we attended the Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego, CA. This conference brings together major brands who care about their impact on environment and society. PlanetReuse participated in the conference's Causeway Initiative that aimed to promote partnerships between not-for-profits or social enterprises with large companies to bring a positive, social and environmental change. PlanetReuse presented alongside organizations such as Sierra Club, Forest Stewardship Council, and World Wildlife Fund and urged companies to source reclaimed materials for new projects and to deconstruct for reuse.

PlanetReuse Marketplace powered by InvenQuery was selected as a finalist in the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open competition. PlanetReuse Marketplace was one of six companies chosen from more than one hundred applicants to pitch its business concept to a panel of judges. After an initial round of presentations PlanetReuse Marketplace was included in the top four companies and given the opportunity to present on the main conference stage. You can view our four-minute pitch before a live audience here.

We would like to congradulate the winner of the Innovation Open, Ecofiltro, a social enterprise that sells low cost water filtration systems in the third world. Learn about Ecofiltro's impact.

Participation in Sustainable Brands '12 and the Innovation Open provided an excellent opportunity to meet many other aspiring entrepreneurs that are doing amazing things, spread the word about building materials reuse and introduce major corporations to a variety of reuse possibilities.

PlanetReuse Marketplace - Finalist in Sustainable Brands Innovation Open


June 06, 2012

PlanetReuse Marketplace has made it to the finals at the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open! Along with three other companies: Solar Mosaic, EcoFiltro and Bike & Park.

PlanetReuse is making a 4-minute presentation to about 1,000 attendees of the Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego and there is a FREE live stream to a global audience today at 4:45 PST / 7:45 EST TODAY. The link to watch all the innovation excitement is:

NOW HELP US WIN THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD (vote through 7:30 PST June 6th):
To vote for PlanetReuse Marketplace -
Text to 22333 or Tweet @poll this code:

The lineup for this evening’s events at the Innovation Open Final will go as follows:
1 - Sponsor Thank you's, 5mins
2 - Phil Giesler presents, 8mins
3 - Solar Mosaic - Billy, 4mins
4 - PlanetReuse Marketplace - Willow and Nathan, 4mins
5 - Ecofiltro - Philip, 4mins
6 - Bike and Park - Jeremy and Josh, 4mins
7 - Voting instructions, 4mins

The Judges for the Innovation Open Competition include:
-Paul Bradley, Executive Creative Director @ Frog Design
-Phil Giesler, Director of Innovation @ Unilever Corporate Ventures
-Kate Heiny, Manager of Sustainability @ Target
-Olivia Khalili, Senior Partnerships Manager @ Ashoka’s Changemakers
-Renee Morin, President @ PRe North America, Inc.
-Rahul Raj, Director of Sustainability @ WalMart
-William B. Rosenzweig, Partner @ Physic Ventures
-Sandy Skees, CEO/Founder @ Communications4Good
-KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, Founder & Chief Catalyst @ Sustainable Brands
-George Stewart, Chief Revenue Officer @ Resonate Networks
-Andrew Winston, Founder @ Winston Eco-Strategies
-Ian Yolles, Chief Sustainability Officer @ RecycleBank

Please tune in tonight and watch Nathan and Willow as they present PlanetReuse Marketplace at the Innovation Open!

Another great year for conferences!


April 12, 2012
We're looking forward to seeing you at upcoming conferences and events! PlanetReuse will be attending and providing materials for many conferences this year.

PlanetReuse will be participating in the following conferences. Let us know if your planning to attend and be sure to check out our educational sessions or just stop by and say hello!

May '12 - AIA National Convention '12 in Washington, DC- Come see PlanetReuse's reclaimed materials throughout the 2,000SF Open Source Office space in the Expo. There will be reclaimed textile mill wood-clad walls, a 30'+ reclaimed bowling lane tabletop and many other materials.

May '12 - Greening the Heartland '12 - Indianapolis, IN - PlanetReuse presentation "Building a National Network for Local Reuse: A Waste Management Case Study"

May '12 - Big Omaha - Omaha, NE

June '12 - Sustainable Brands '12 in San Diego, CA - We'll be in the Causeway with many other great organizations like Livestrong, Sierra Club, WWF, FSC, 1% for the Planet, The Nature Conservancy, One World One Ocean, and others.

June '12 - Neocon '12 - Chicago, IL - Look for our reclaimed flooring materials

Sept '12
ASLA National Convention '12 in Phoenix, AZ - Panel Session titled "Site Design and Detailing with Reclaimed Materials - Solutions to Sourcing"

Oct '12 - Reuse Conex '12 - Portland, OR

Nov '12 - Greenbuild '12 - San Francisco, CA

Living Future '11 - Panel Discussion: Building Material Reuse: Understanding the Challenges, Celebrating the Successes, and Providing the Tools


April 13, 2011
With increasingly limited resources and a growing awareness around sustainable stewardship, material reuse represents one of the ultimate forms of resource conservation. It not only provides a vision of how to live more sustainably, it can also be economically pragmatic and nurture a community. Such principles overlap greatly with the goals of certification standards like the Living Building Challenge. Despite this potential, reuse remains significantly underutilized. Key to maturing the opportunity is building a greater awareness.  Panelists will address reuse challenges and opportunities, innovative tools and resources available, and strategies to utilize reuse as a vehicle for creativity and sustainability.

Presenter Bios

Kevin R Hydes
Kevin R Hydes, CEO of Integral Group, is a professional engineer and honorary architect in BC. He has been addressing green building issues for 2 decades since first meeting Bob Berkebile on the CK Choi project at UBC. That project opened his mind and curiosity to reuse of building materials, weaving through noteworthy projects such as the Materials Testing Lab and Telus Headquarters in Vancouver and many projects across North America including his own adaptive reuse office in Oakland, California, a low energy LEED Platinum targeted office. Kevin is also founding chair of the Cascadia Chapter and a Cascadia Fellow.

Laura Lesniewski

Laura Lesniewski, AIA is a principal at BNIM. An architect with 20 years of experience, she has spoken nationally on emerging technologies and philosophies in sustainable design, BIM and lean thinking and, most recently, at Brazil’s first Greenbuild in Sao Paulo.  Laura led the design team efforts on the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, which achieved both Living Building and LEED Platinum certification.  She co-authored “Roadmap for Integration” for the AIA’s 2006 Report on Integrated Practice and recently completed FLOW: In Pursuit of a Living Building with Bob Berkebile and Steve McDowell.  Laura is a graduate of MIT and UCBerkeley.

Nathan Benjamin
Nathan Benjamin - LEED AP, Principal + Founder of PlanetReuse & PlanetRestore – a reclaimed construction material broker and consultant predicated on a simple but revolutionary idea: make it easy for people to use reclaimed materials and they’ll do more of it to keep materials out of landfills. He has an Architectural Engineering degree, is on the Building Materials Reuse Association Board and worked on two of the first three “Living” projects. He worked on two of the Reuse Primer’s projects and has presented at the National Demolition Association, Greening the Heartland, GreenTown, past two Greenbuilds, Living Future, and the USGBC Federal Summit.

Liz Ogbu
Liz Ogbu is Associate Design Director at Public Architecture, a nonprofit that mobilizes designers to create positive social change.  Liz directs the public-interest design initiatives, which creatively address critical environmental and social justice issues.  She led development of the Design for Reuse Primer, a USGBC funded e- publication intended to demystify and inspire mainstream material reuse. Liz has written and lectured extensively on sustainable design.  She was a member of the 2010 AIA COTE Top Ten and USGBC Natural Talent Design juries and honored as a "Green Giant" by Steelcase for her work in promoting environmentally and socially sustainable design.

For more info to attend sessions, check out the conference website.

Living Future '11 - Panel Discussion: The Tyson Living Learning Center – First (of Two) Certified Living Buildings – Where do we go from here?


April 13, 2011
The Tyson Living Learning Center opened in May 2009 and on October 12, 2010 received full Living Building Status along with the Omega Center in Rhinebeck, New York; the first two certified “Living” Buildings.

In consideration of our next project, several critical themes emerge from our combined experience that we would like to explore with our breakout session:

1. Predictive Energy Modeling + Performance Monitoring
2. Zoning + Code Issues – Where are the barriers in your region?
3. Project Delivery Options –What works Best?
4. Salvaged Materials – How to Integrate into the Design and Construction Process?

Presenter Bios

Neil Myers
Neil Myers has over eleven years experience in financially-focused ecological engineering.  His knowledge of the complex world of economic and project development has helped to generate innovative natural system solutions to such complex sustainability initiatives as watershed restoration, industry and development impact management, green infrastructure and high performance design implementation, pedestrian connectivity integration, wastewater management, and community master planning.  He has been integral in identifying pioneering-type projects and developing the talented team of multi-disciplinary professionals necessary to provide investment positive solutions to satisfy all project stakeholders.  Mr. Myers earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Butler University. 

Matt Ford
Mr. Ford is co-founder of Solutions AEC, and has worked in the design and construction industry for the last 10 years. Mr. Ford’s leadership and mechanical engineering experience encompass a wide range of mechanical systems and equipment. His experience includes engineering and managing biomedical engineering buildings, large commercial buildings for Fortune 500 companies, hospital projects, and large institutional projects. Mr. Ford has participated in varying capacities in the design, construction, and commissioning for numerous LEED Certified/Certifiable projects including; Alberici’s Platinum Certified Corporate Headquarters Building, Cortex I, the William Kerr Foundation Building, and the Living Building certified Tyson Living Learning Center.

Nathan Benjamin
Nathan Benjamin - LEED AP, Principal + Founder of PlanetReuse – a reclaimed construction material broker and consultant predicated on a simple but revolutionary idea: make it easy for people to use reclaimed materials and they’ll do more of it to keep materials out of landfills. He has an Architectural Engineering degree, is on the Building Materials Reuse Association Board and worked on two of the first three “Living” projects. He worked on two of the Reuse Primer’s projects and has presented at the National Demolition Association, Greening the Heartland, GreenTown, past two Greenbuilds, Living Future, and the USGBC Federal Summit.

Daniel F. HellmuthDaniel F. Hellmuth, AIA, is a principal and co-founder of Hellmuth + Bicknese Architects, L.L.C. Mr. Hellmuth is a LEED accredited professional and has over twenty-eight years experience in sustainable design, government, housing, educational, historic preservation, transit design  and planning projects.  Dan was part of the original steering committee that established the St. Louis Chapter of the USGBC.His firm has experience on over 30 LEED projects including LEED NC, C&S, CI, and EB as well as one certified Living Building Project, the Tyson Living Learning Center that is among the first two in the world to achieve this status.

Sign up at the unconference website.

BMRA announces Poster Session Program at DECON '11


January 29, 2011
Great program to help continue to grow and deveopment the materials reuse industry. 

The Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA) is pleased to announce the  Poster Session Program at the DECON '11 Conference.

Architecture, construction management and environmental sustainability students are urged to submit original contributions related to the fields of deconstruction, building materials reuse, and construction and demolition debris (C&D) recycling that can be displayed in an educational poster format. 

Overview:  BMRA consistently seeks to advance research and education in the public interest.  The purpose of the DECON 2011 Poster Session Program is to provide a means of stimulating interest in deconstruction, building materials reuse, and construction and demolition debris (C&D) recycling research, as well as communicating other useful deconstruction information to the profession to include best practices, new program initiatives, etc. 

Please visit the conference website for how it works and complete details.  Please forward widely to any students or instructors with an interest in decon/reuse!

Greenbuild(ing) 2010 - Another Great Conference Celebrating Another Year of Growth! - FALL '10 Newsletter


November 10, 2010
Each year, Greenbuild gathers thousands of participants from all over the world to meet, celebrate, and share stories of challenges, successes, new innovations and new products to make the world a better place. Greenbuild is a great source for education and inspiration.

This year is another celebration as the industry continues forward despite struggles with the economy, changes in leadership, etc. there are many things we can look back at and reflect upon when it comes to the sustainable movement.

PlanetReuse is proud to be part of this movement to move the design and construction industry forward making reclaimed materials a viable option on new commercial and residential projects.

We’re in Booth #1296 this year.  Join us as we exhibit another year to meet, celebrate and share with you.  Our booth will again be made from many of the materials we source and provide to project teams throughout North America.  We will have samples of reclaimed office furniture, reclaimed access flooring, reclaimed wood flooring, reclaimed siding, recycled granite stone flooring, structural steel, carpet tile, brick and many more materials.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Going to the Educational Sessions??
Join PlanetReuse’s Founder + Principal, Nathan Benjamin for an off-site panel discussion at Chicago's Rebuilding Exchange about how architects and contractors can incorporate reused materials into their project process, with a focused discussion and explanation of how reused materials can impact LEED projects across rating systems.  PlanetReuse, the Rebuilding Exchange, OWPP/Cannon Designs, Studio Gang will present on Thursday, November 18th.  To sign up, go to OF04 on course registration.
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