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landfill diversion

Garbage or Art?


August 03, 2012
Artist Susanna Kumschick, along with the lighting design team, Luzinterruptius, partnered together to design and create Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum. The art piece was part of the Oh Plastiksack! exhibit at the Gewerbemusem in Switzerland. The exhibit is a 4 month artistic exploration of waste in society with the focus on plastic bags as the art medium

Oh Plastiksack! points out how in regards to consumer behavior, plastic bags are a symbol of advertise, identity, and status and explores the how society views garbage. It forces the viewer to take something that is a social stigma of filth and contamination and to see it as art that is alluring and meaningful.
Oh Plastiksack! also explores the relationship of society and the environment with the presence of waste in everyday life as well as the cultural use of using and disgarding. To encourage recycling, Gewerbemuseum gave free admission into the museum to those who donated recycled plastic bags to the museum. The museum collected 5,000 bags that were used for the exhibit.

Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum was designed with change in mind and to look best at the beginning of the exhibit with the anticipation of it looking "dicrepit" at the end of the exhibit. The significance of the installation is in "how it will evolve with time and how the public will react" to the changes. For this reason, the designers chose to place the installation outdoors at the entrance of the museum.

The Oh Plastiksack! exhibit is a powerful testimony of how everyday items that typically become garbage, can be transformed into something beautiful.

2012 Olympics Games Divert Landfill through Reuse and Recycling


July 25, 2012

The 2012 London Olympics and the London Organizing Committee of Olympic Games (LOCOG) has made it their goal to become known as the “greenest games in history” and are taking major steps to ensure that that goal is achieved. LOCOG has worked hard to ensure that any possible waste from the entire event is “reused” or “recycled.”

The site chosen for the 2012 Olympic Stadium in London was a previously developed site that had been labeled a “brownfield,” a contaminated site with previous industrial development. Prior to construction of the arena, the site had to be cleaned, decontaminated, and tested for purification. Doing so kept two million tons of contaminated soil from going to the landfill. The target goal for this stage of construction was to reuse 80% of the soil. The goal was surpassed and the project reused 85% of the existing, previously contaminated soil.

Construction of the Olympic Stadium, was also designed with sustainability in mind.  Populous, the design team for the structure, incorporated into the design, the reuse of confiscated guns. Over the year, the Metropolitan Police colledted over 52 tons of metal from guns and knives. That material was diverted from the landfill and instead was melted and used in the structure.

LOCAG’s goal for construction of the Olympic Stadium was to send zero waste to the landfill. By the end of construction, ninety percent of the construction waste had either been reused or been recycled. In addition to salvaging excess construction materials, 20% of the materials used in the construction of the venues were recycled materials.

In addition to the “green” construction efforts, LOCOG has also been teaming up and encouraging other supporters of the Olympic Games to raise public awareness for the need to go green. Coca-Cola has promised to recycle and reuse all the plastic of their products as well as other products from the events and will reuse the plastic for new bottles. Local packaging companies have teamed up with LOCOG to ensure that all packaging for the 2012 games will be made of compostable materials. Through the duration of the Olympic Games, it is expected that 3600 tons of waste will be produced from packaging alone which will be diverted from a landfill.

LOCOG’s goal for the 2012 Games is zero waste to the landfill, however, have pledged that 70% of will be reused, recycled, or composted. LOCOG’s goals to keep the 2012 Olympic Games green and their efforts to involve other supporters make the games not only the greenest games in history, but also the largest green effort.

Thanks to the 2012 Olypmics for supporting and promoting sustainability and reuse!

Studio 804 Chooses Reuse - Storefront glass panels and more


June 25, 2012

Studio 804 is a team of graduate students working towards gaining their masters in architecture in the Architecture, Design, and Planning program from the University of Kansas. Studio 804 has been in existence for sixteen years and has consistently designed and produced sixteen projects during that time. Each year, in their final year in the program, Studio 804 project consists of spending the fall semester creating the design, identifying the needs and goals, estimating the cost, and locating the materials needed. The spring semester is dedicated to the construction of the structure.

Dan Rockhill, executive director of Studio 804 and professor of architecture at KU, oversees the project in its entirety and guides the students as they learn what it takes to take a design from conceptualization to completion.

This year’s project, “Galileo’s Pavilion,” was designed to enhance the sculptural piece “Galileo’s Garden” designed by Dale Eldred. It is a three room structure consisting of two class rooms and one collaborative space. The structure was designed using passive solar building principles and includes three green wall systems. A bulk amount of the materials used for the project was reclaimed materials. Reclaimed slate from school chalkboards was used for the exterior siding and the storefront glass used for the project was recycled from a canceled commercial project. Resourcing reclaimed materials for the project assisted in gaining additional LEED points, cut the cost of the project, and kept those materials from being otherwise being dumped into a landfill. PlanetReuse assisted in the outsourcing of the glass material for the building. The glass was salvaged from a Moshe Safdie commercial project that was started and cancelled in the Plaza Area of Kansas City, MO.

One of the standing goals of the project was education for the present and the future. The building was designed as a tool of interaction and education for “green” design and “green” building techniques. Said Dr. Jay Antle, the sustainability director for the project, “…everyday this building will be educating students about what building can be and should be.”

Galileo’s Pavilion is a response to Johnson County Community College’s goal for sustainability. Though it has not been achieved, it is set to gain a LEED Platinum rating. This will be Studio 804’s fifth LEED Platinum building and the 4th LEED Platinum building in Kansas (the others which are located in Greensburg).

Congratulations to Studio 804 on their accomplishment and completion of "Galileo's Pavilion."

Summer Opportunities - July Flyer '10


August 23, 2010
Looking for options on your project where you can save money and divert materials from landfills?  There are some great reclaimed, excess new and FSC options from great sources throughout North America in our latest PlanetReuse flyer.  The latest summary contains some innovative materials and a lot of great deals.  Here are just a couple:

Granite Pavers/Brick made from excess/discarded granite scrap  - Perfect for commercial and residential installations, these brick cut from scrap granite countertop material are perfect for walkways, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, sidewalks, etc.  Sustainable and durable solutions with great color selection, thickness options, and variety of finishes

Excess New CFL Lightolier Fixtures - 50% less than the price of new.  Canceled project with single and dual-lamp fixtures still in original boxes available immediately.  There are 350 of each type - excellent opportunity to save money!

To check out the latest flyer, click here.

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