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First Living Building Challenge & Reuse Primer Projects - How PlanetReuse Helped - FALL '10 Newsletter


November 10, 2010
There have been many successful projects that have incorporated reclaimed materials into the buildings.  Recently, an announcement and a publication helped document the process, the successes as well as the challenges.

Cascadia’s first three Living Building Challenge (LBC) Projects were announced recently.  PlanetReuse had the pleasure of working with the design/construction teams on 2 of the 3 projects.  We helped source many materials from areas throughout the United States for the Tyson Living Learning Center in Eureka, MO and the Omega Center for Sustainable Living in Rhinebeck, NY.  For more information on the LBC and the press release describing the details and the teams, visit the LBC site.

The 15 diverse projects in the Design for Reuse Primer demonstrate new models of “building green.” Material reuse is always integral to a sustainable vision of how to tread lightly on the earth, be economically pragmatic, and nurture a community. From a school for children with learning differences to a center for holistic living, these case studies are intended to provide insights about the material reuse process in a wide variety of context. By discussing the challenges and demonstrating the benefits of reclaimed materials, they hope to demystify and inspire reuse.

The Design for Reuse Primer publication and website are the latest resources of Public Architecture's ongoing efforts to demystify and promote building material reuse.

There are many great projects that are reviewed in the Primer.  PlanetReuse enjoyed working on two of the fifteen projects:
- Omega Center Center for Sustainable Living
- Operation Comeback 5200 Dauphine Street

Both the LBC projects and the Reuse Primer are great proof that reclaimed materials are successfully being used in commercial and residential projects throughout the United States and that PlanetReuse provides services that are very beneficial in sourcing, documenting and coordinating reclaimed materials.

All of the projects had amazing owners and design teams that really pushed the boundaries in incorporation of reclaimed materials. We take our hats off to you – congratulations!

LEED MR and PlanetReuse


November 13, 2008

PlanetReuse works through our location services both online and offline for LEED MR 3.1, 3.2 and innovation credits on projects. Using our product request forms, users can tell us what they need and we locate materials through deconstruction professionals and partners in your home state.

Email Nathan Benjamin at to learn more about how PlanetReuse can help you achieve LEED certification in your design projects.

PlanetReuse is a proud member of the USGBC, a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable building design and construction, developers of the LEED building rating system.

Join our CEO Brad Hardin December 2nd for an online web demo of PlanetReuse!


November 13, 2008
Join our CEO Brad Hardin, LEED AP and AIA Associate, on December 2nd from 12AM to 1PM Central Time at GoToMeeting and learn more about PlanetReuse's focus. We'll give an exclusive tour of the site, explain how our online tool can help connect you to source and find reclaimed material for commercial and residential green building and our place in the industry today.

Web Link:
Conference Phone Number: 914-339-0016
Access Code/Meeting ID: 270-179-945

Email Brad at bhardin @ if you have any questions you'd like to pose for the demo.

Brad is a LEED accredited architect and has worked for over 8 years on environmentally responsible projects in the US and abroad. Brad brings his industry experience and his passion for design, technology, environmentally conscious living and big ideas to the table at PlanetReuse. His main focus is on commercial and residential solutions to the design and construction reuse community as well as overseeing the company, and his new baby girl.

PlanetReuse 2.5 goes live tonight at midnight!


November 11, 2008

We've taken your feedback and comments from other sustainably-minded designers and architects to introduced two new tools into the PlanetReuse online engine to help the end user find and source reclaimed and underutilized material for green building.

Our Material Brokering Services help architects and designers incorporate reused materials into their commercial and residential projects. With the relationships we have in place with our partners, PlanetReuse can help locate materials unavailable on the website to help complete your project. With the Request Materials form, you can place free requests on PlanetReuse to reduce the amount of legwork needed to find reused building material for LEED MR credits. We'll help connect you through our brokering services by sending samples to your doorstep. You can also View Material Requests other users have submitted online to help you grow your business and help divert construction material from landfill.

Although we're taking down our online Shop temporarily, we're introducing a tool to allow users to enter available materials they have and want to move through our material brokering services. Stay tuned for an update or simply visit on November 12th to see the next evolution of PlanetReuse, connecting contractors, homeowners, architects, designers, architectural reclamation stores, and deconstruction professionals together for a bigger, better online sustainable tool.

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