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reclaimed carpet tile

InterfaceFLOR + PlanetReuse = Great Carpet Reuse Opportunity


April 12, 2012

Q. What do you get when you connect a forward thinking, global carpet manufacturer committed to environmental preservation with a national broker of reclaimed building material??

A. An outstanding opportunity to push beyond standard recycling with a more sustainable solution.

Over the past few months a partnership between PlanetReuse and InterfaceFLOR has saved tons of carpet tile from the landfill and delivered it to reuse centers across the country.

We’d like to thank Mikhail Davis and the InterfaceFLOR team for a great launch and successful pilot and for supporting carpet reuse opportunities.

Here are some highlights from Mikhail's recent blog post.

"This winter, a partnership with one of the national experts in building product reuse has given us a new tool to tackle tough projects for which our recycling system has had no good solution. The pilot project, working with Nathan Benjamin, Founder of PlanetReuse, has already repurposed more old carpet tile in the first quarter of 2012 that we did in all of 2011."

"What PlanetReuse adds is access to the national community of local building product reuse stores, which has revealed a very interesting fact to us: there exists a sizable aftermarket nationally for used carpet tile for use in multipurpose areas like entryways, basements and garages.

Successful projects in our pilot with PlanetReuse include moving several full truckloads of old competitor polyurethane tile into reuse stores in Denver and Kansas City, where it is selling well. It also turns out that the durable bitumen-backed Graphlar tiles, even after being used in a retail setting, are still sought after by homeowners for use in entryways and garages."

Thank you Mikhail.

The Team at PlanetReuse looks forward to diverting many more tons of carpet tile and to opportunities for facilitating the reuse of other building materials as well.

September Opportunities - Sept Flyer '10


September 29, 2010
Want to save money on your project? And build sustainably?
Here are some ways we can help.

Looking for options on your project where you can save money and divert materials from landfills?  There are some great reclaimed, excess new and FSC options from great sources throughout North America in our latest PlanetReuse flyer. 

The latest summary contains some innovative materials and a lot of great deals.  Here are a couple:

Reclaimed Herman Miller Aeron Chairs & Office Furniture
Downsizing of firms has caused a surplus in chairs, office furniture, lobby chairs, conference room tables, etc. Great-looking, like-new options at huge savings vs new.  We can help with layouts and coordination with your unique project and no project is too large or small.
Reclaimed Herman Miller Aeron Chairs & Office Furniture

Reclaimed Raised Access Flooring
Need any on your Project? Want to save money?
Reclaimed access flooring is a great way to save money, bump your LEED MRc3.1 percentage, AND divert materials from the landfill.  We can help with shop drawings, coordination and installation.  Need 1,000SF or even 500,000SF?  No project too large or too small.
Reclaimed Raised Access Flooring

To check out the latest flyer, click here.

Don't see what you are looking for?  Just let us know what you are looking for and we'll find it for you.

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