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Looking for Reused Materials for Your Project?

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March 20, 2014

PlanetReuse's network allows those that want to incorporate reused materials on their project to rely on a central set of tools. Simply fill out our Material Request form to tell us what type of materials you're looking for and we'll connect you to options locally or nationally, based off your timeline and project goals. LEED and LBC projects will benefit from our extensive database of materials and partners to meet your projects certification standards.

Donations Fuel the Reuse Economy


March 17, 2014

Material donations are a foundational component of the reuse economy and through our network of non-profit and for profit reuse centers, we make it easy on all parties. Regardless of the size of your project, commercial or residential, material donations are easy

Inspiration Index: Windows


January 21, 2014
Have you ever heard somebody say, "you make a better door than a window"? (so rude, we know.) Well, these windows make better tables, mirrors, garden sheds and shelves. Repurposing these paned glass beauties is great for your wallet and even better for the environment!

Inspiration Index: Let there be light (fixtures)


January 10, 2014
We've all seen them: sad, dusty, slightly dingy light fixtures. Often missing parts, covered in a thin layer of grime, these once brilliant luminaries seem lackluster and limp. Should we just toss them? Pass them by at our local reuse center or thrift shop? Sigh and think of their former glory days with nostalgia?
Of course not! A quick cleaning, some slight modifications and POW, these light fixtures are good as new (better, some might say!). SHAZAM, a chandelier is repurposed into an earthy planter. WHAM, a pendant light is upcycled into a hip terrarium. ZONKS, a ceiling light is transformed into a tranquil bird feeder. Holy reuse, batman! 
Check out these great reuse ideas, then dust off a light fixture and make it something awesome. For more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest. We're super pinners. 

Remove the bulb and electric parts. Fill with succulents and sand. Enjoy.
Easily turn a ceiling light into a tranquil bird feeder.
Paint the glass panes of a light fixture for an Anthropologie knockoff mirror.
A glass paneled light makes the perfect hanging planter.
Bring Jurassic Park to your desktop with this luscious terrarium.

Give your pots a hand (or 10!) with help from a chandelier.
A pendant light makes a gorgeous, inexpensive terrarium.
Follow PlanetReuse Marketplace's board Bright ideas for upcycled lighting on Pinterest.

Out With The Old and In With the Old!


January 07, 2014
Happy 2014! As we start another year, we resolve to be more responsible, more mindful, more aware. We aim to make our impact on the earth a little less negative and the impact on our community a little more positive.  

Sounds serious, huh? Well, it doesn't have to be! We can do little things that have far reaching, happy consequences for our wallet, the planet and our style.  Read on, fellow reusers, for our list of ideas to make this our best year yet! 

2014 resolutions:

Bring your own bags. Not just to the grocery store but anywhere that you might be needing to stash your stuff. 

Before you buy new, think reuse. Could you find that item second hand? Or use reclaimed or reused materials to make it? We live in a "purchase, use, toss" society, where our tastes change with the season. Let the landfill breathe a little easier by avoiding those big box stores. Plus, the feeling one gets from making something with their own hands is priceless.

When throwing away, look closely at what you're tossing. Could that mason jar be a new pinterest-worthy project? Is there a nonprofit organization that would love those old clothes? How about a reuse center that would gladly take your gently used furniture or appliances?

Give your old stuff a second life by donating it to someone in need. 

Rehabbing? Think Reclaimed.  
Reclaimed building materials not only cut down on the cost of a rehab job, they add to the charm and history of your home. 

Tell your family's story through salvaged barn wood, repurposed brick or upcycled windows. Reclaimed materials can add a look that's vintage, rustic or cozy, and will make your house a place you'll truly call home. 

'Tis the Season for Reuse!


December 16, 2013
Christmas is nine days away...officially right around the corner. If you're like us, and the holiday season snuck up on you a bit this year, you may be searching for some really great last minute #DIYs. We've rounded up a bunch of projects that will get you in the holiday mood. Most importantly, they all reuse, repurpose or upcycle items in the process...something that's sure to get you on the "nice" list.

Warning: if you're a grinch, this post may cause your heart to grow three times in size.

Yardstick Reindeer. Noel book decoration. Upcycled feather wreath.
Hollowed out log candleholders. Rustic box decoration.
A window and holiday greens. Cake tins silvery centerpiece.
A repurposed pallet tree. Use book pages to makeover ornaments.
Cabinet door stocking sign. Wine bottle Christmas tree. Pumpkin seed trees.
We knew we'd win him over. 

Repurpose fixtures & bulbs into brilliant holiday decor!


December 11, 2013
Tis the season...for reuse! The weather turned downright frigid and forced us inside in recent days, causing us to dream up DIY projects to fill our hours while we wait for Old Saint Nick. What better way to celebrate the holiday than making cheerful decorations? Especially if those Christmas-y creations reuse, repurpose or upcycle items in unexpected and awesome ways.  
Below is a roundup of delightful DIYs that reuse light fixtures, lanterns and burnt out lightbulbs. It's a torrent of terrific ways to trim your tree and add merriment to your mantle. 
Want even more ideas? Check out our Holiday board on Pinterest

Christmas lights give an outdoor lantern a twinkly, cheerful makeover.

Add ornaments to a repurposed lantern for a table top display.
Half of a pendant light serves as the backdrop for a winter scene.
Add holiday lights and red berries for a perfect christmas light fixture. 

Add some merriment to your mantle with multi-colored strand lights.

A wall sconce gets a second life as a christmas decoration.
Double the lanterns, double the Christmas fun! 

Create an enlightened tree out of light bulbs
Paint lights then dust with glitter for adorable ornaments.

a light bulb makes the perfect penguin body! Too cute!

Up, up and away with this hot air balloon ornament. 

Glue together painted bulbs for a funky, retro decoration

Fill old bulbs with confetti stars for a glimmering, glamorous ornament. 

Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Reuse DIYs


November 21, 2013
For me, Thanksgiving is a time to sit back and reflect on how lucky I am for a plethora of blessings, everything from the ordinary (that girl at the cafe gave me an extra cookie!) to the huge (job, house, family). Celebrating the changing season with a big meal surrounded by loved ones puts me in a permanent good mood (and a prolonged food coma), and in the weeks leading up to the big day, you'll find me crafting holiday decorations.

Below I've rounded up several awesome DIY projects that reuse, repurpose and upcycle everyday materials into terribly terrific Turkey Day treats. Because, for us at PlanetReuse, being thankful means using what you've got and stopping to appreciate all the little things along the way.

Gobble Gobble!

wine bottles + paint = a DIY we're thankful for!

Reclaimed wood makes for a great FALL sign

Be ready to rake in the compliments with this DIY project

Repurposed burlap is used to make a cozy, autumnal pillow

This sweet sign is made from upcycled art & chalkboard paint

Put everyone in their place with these wine cork namecards.

These turkey decorations are made with acorns and feathers and are adorable!

Need a pie server? This one is made with a wine glass and a plate. Genius!

A log and candles combine to make a rustic centerpiece

Set sail for Holiday style with this charming namecard DIY
Want even more great DIY ideas? Get on over to Pinterest and follow us! 

Write on: A delightful DIY desk roundup


November 07, 2013
A good desk can make all the difference. It's a catalyst for creativity, a push towards productivity, a gentle nudge in the direction of neatness. We've rounded up a collection of DIY desks that use repurposed or upcycled materials in really beautiful, unexpected ways. These desks aren't just functional (which they are), they're also a surprise in stylish sustainability. 
So grab a couple power tools, carve out a few hours of time and get your build on. Whether you're using to read, write, craft or create, you'll have a piece of furniture that's sure to be on your (very short) list of favorites. 
Pipes give this desk a sturdy, industrial look. 

This funky, functional desk makes use of upcycled organizers. 

This table, made with repurposed machine legs is "sew" cute!

Hairpin legs + reclaimed wood = fantastic

Salvaged corbels make for a very "game of thrones" vibe. I dig it. 

Book lover? Prove it with a geek chic table desk. 

Old doors make the perfect tabletop for a new desk. 

Like the bat cave, but for crafters. This hidden desk is so awesome. 

Book cases do double duty in this smart desk DIY.

Our nerd hearts are rejoicing over this novel-stacked desk. 

Reclaimed materials give this desk a wonderful, farm feel.
By: Sarah Rendo

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