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Sustainable Brands

Increase Profits with Recycling and Reuse Best Practices


August 17, 2012
There's a great article on Triple Pundit on how to make money by recycling and reusing construction material. It comes as a result of re-occurring questions that many designers, home owners, architects, developers, builders and many others about what to do with stuff coming out of projects. 

PlanetReuse would like to thank Bill Roth, Founder of Earth 2017, for his time, interest and continued outreach to help raise awareness about building material reuse.

Here is preview of the article and a link for the balance of the piece, including a link to a short video from our discussion with Bill at Sustainable Brands '12 earlier this year:
"Construction managers’ success in recycling and re-purposing materials/fixtures can make the difference on whether a construction project comes in on budget in today’s still-depressed construction industry. Two factors are driving this trend. The first is the increasing value real estate buyers and renters place upon green labeled buildings. In California a green labeled home sells for a 9 percent premium. In the commercial building market the increasing numbers of companies focused on operational efficiency has created a strong rental market for USGBC LEED certified buildings. A key feature of LEED certification and other green labeled buildings is the reuse of materials, fixtures and buildings.

Construction recycling/reuse best practices

The other major driver is a growing market in recycled materials and reusable fixtures. The construction industry uses more materials by weight than any other industry in the United States producing 325 million tons of recoverable construction and demolition materials. Approximately 8,000 lbs of waste are thrown into the landfill during the construction of a 2,000 square foot home. That is a lot of construction dollars that will either be lost to landfill tipping fees or gained by successfully selling this material for recycling or reuse."

Here's a link to the rest of Bill's article.  Enjoy!

Sustainable Brands 2012 - PlanetReuse Marketplace


July 03, 2012

In June, we attended the Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego, CA. This conference brings together major brands who care about their impact on environment and society. PlanetReuse participated in the conference's Causeway Initiative that aimed to promote partnerships between not-for-profits or social enterprises with large companies to bring a positive, social and environmental change. PlanetReuse presented alongside organizations such as Sierra Club, Forest Stewardship Council, and World Wildlife Fund and urged companies to source reclaimed materials for new projects and to deconstruct for reuse.

PlanetReuse Marketplace powered by InvenQuery was selected as a finalist in the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open competition. PlanetReuse Marketplace was one of six companies chosen from more than one hundred applicants to pitch its business concept to a panel of judges. After an initial round of presentations PlanetReuse Marketplace was included in the top four companies and given the opportunity to present on the main conference stage. You can view our four-minute pitch before a live audience here.

We would like to congradulate the winner of the Innovation Open, Ecofiltro, a social enterprise that sells low cost water filtration systems in the third world. Learn about Ecofiltro's impact.

Participation in Sustainable Brands '12 and the Innovation Open provided an excellent opportunity to meet many other aspiring entrepreneurs that are doing amazing things, spread the word about building materials reuse and introduce major corporations to a variety of reuse possibilities.

Another great year for conferences!


April 12, 2012
We're looking forward to seeing you at upcoming conferences and events! PlanetReuse will be attending and providing materials for many conferences this year.

PlanetReuse will be participating in the following conferences. Let us know if your planning to attend and be sure to check out our educational sessions or just stop by and say hello!

May '12 - AIA National Convention '12 in Washington, DC- Come see PlanetReuse's reclaimed materials throughout the 2,000SF Open Source Office space in the Expo. There will be reclaimed textile mill wood-clad walls, a 30'+ reclaimed bowling lane tabletop and many other materials.

May '12 - Greening the Heartland '12 - Indianapolis, IN - PlanetReuse presentation "Building a National Network for Local Reuse: A Waste Management Case Study"

May '12 - Big Omaha - Omaha, NE

June '12 - Sustainable Brands '12 in San Diego, CA - We'll be in the Causeway with many other great organizations like Livestrong, Sierra Club, WWF, FSC, 1% for the Planet, The Nature Conservancy, One World One Ocean, and others.

June '12 - Neocon '12 - Chicago, IL - Look for our reclaimed flooring materials

Sept '12
ASLA National Convention '12 in Phoenix, AZ - Panel Session titled "Site Design and Detailing with Reclaimed Materials - Solutions to Sourcing"

Oct '12 - Reuse Conex '12 - Portland, OR

Nov '12 - Greenbuild '12 - San Francisco, CA

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