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Connecting buyers and sellers of reclaimed materials. Browse the categories below to find reused materials in your area.

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Reclaimed Red/White Oak Thresher Flooring $0.00
Reclaimed Exotic Japanese & Euro Beech Wood $0.00
DANVILLE BLOCK Brick Pavers $0.00
Slate Roof Shingles $400.00

Reclaimed Roofing $2.99
Reclaimed Steel Siding $1.50
Reclaimed Wooden Beams $2.00
Tin Siding $2.50

Half Moon Decorative Gable Vent $250.00
Antique Tin Ceiling Tile, 2'x4' $3.50
Reclaimed Soft Mortar Bricks $195.00
reclaimed rusty tin roof $0.00

Hand hewn white pine 6"x6" $0.00
Cobblestone $0.00
Reclaimed Cobblestone/Belgian Block $0.00
Reclaimed Firebricks $0.00

Reclaimed Barr Street Pavers (Bricks) $0.00
Reclaimed Metropolitan Street Pavers (Bricks) $0.00
Clippert Common Brick $0.00
Reclaimed paver brick and roof tile $0.00

Pavers and Face Brick $0.00
Reclaimed, New England Brick $0.00
Reclaimed metal roofing panels $0.00
Barnwood Bricks TM antique cherry $0.00

Reclaimed Red Paver Brick $0.00
Reclaimed Rigid Insulation XPS, ISO $0.00
Reclaimed Brick Pavers $0.00
Reclaimed Boston Dig Cobblestone $0.00

Purington Pavers $0.00
Reclaimed 19th Century Brick $0.00
Historic Ludowici-Celadon 13-1/4" x 9-3/4" Spanish Clay Tile $0.00
Reclaimed Clay Tiles $0.00

reclaimed Ludowici glazed roof tile $0.00
Reclaimed Red Wall Brick $0.00
Reclaimed Red Brick Paver $0.00
Reclaimed Brick $0.00

Reclaimed Cobblestone $0.00
Ludowici Closed Shingle Tile $0.00
Reclaimed Clay Roof Tiles $0.00
Reclaimed Pavers $0.00

Reclaimed Milwaukee Cream City Brick $0.00
Pittsburg Brick $0.00
Terra Cotta roof tiles $0.00
Reclaimed Granite Pavers $0.00

Reclaimed Wall Brick $0.00
Slate Roof Tile $0.00
Reclaimed common size brick $0.00
Reclaimed tan brick pavers $0.00

Purington pavers $0.00
Old St. Louis brick $0.00
Reclaimed old Carolina brick $0.00
Coffeyville brick pavers $0.00

Clinker brick $0.00