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Historic Ludowici-Celadon 13-1/4" x 9-3/4" Spanish Clay Tile

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The fire-flashed process in beehive kilns of the early 1900's produced a beautiful color palette for Ludowici-Celadon 13-1/4"— x 9-3/4" Spanish that received an authentic and very heavy wire scored surface texture which makes it an extremely rare and nearly impossible to reproduce today.

This exclusive roofing tile and correlating trim accessories can be acquired for a fraction of the investment amount for new tiles and it's 90-year patina is priceless.

All ties and trim accessories are packaged in new four-sided wooden crates with steel banding securing them to allow for safe transit. This Material is Located in: Belvidere, IL Quantity Available: 250 squares (42,750 pieces)


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