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Reclaimed 19th Century Brick

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Available Immediately, Reclaimed 19th Century Brick. Old warehouse erected late 1800's with combination Coffeyville Pavers on Interior & Exterior Walls and F.G. Lotterer Cherryvale, KS Pavers in middle wall. F.G. Lotterer born in 1854, Indiana, moved to Kansas 1870 and opened up his own brick manufacturing plant. Real Kansas history here. Bricks have been removed and are in piles on site. Need to be seprated, palletized and moved. Priced to move as is. Approx 33,000 Coffeyville pavers and 17,000 Lotterer pavers. Lets deal! This Material is Located in: Topeka, KS Quantity Available: 50,000 Pavers


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