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Reclaimed metal roofing panels

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Reclaimed metal roofing panels available and have been removed. The first picture with me behind it is approximately 1000 linear feet of 20 inch sheets. I estimate 50 sheets are 14 feet long, another 20 to 30 sheets are either 14 feet long with severe creases or are 6 to 10 feet long. The second picture is of 4 to 6 foot long sheets. I estimate there are 30 of these.

Typically the surface looks like the top sheet of the short stack or as you see from the picture I sent this morning of the sheets still on the barn. They are rusty or rustic as you wish.

The third picture is what I consider scrap. Most of these sheets are severely bent or severely rusted. Most vary in length from 3 feet to the full 14 feet. I estimate 2000 linear feet. The pile is 6 feet high. This Material is Located in: NW Missouri Quantity Available: 2,000LF


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