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Connecting buyers and sellers of reclaimed materials. Browse the categories below to find reused materials in your area.

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Reclaimed Black Walnut $0.00
Reclaimed 1x6 (Nominal) $0.00
Premium Reclaimed Wide Heart Pine Timbers for Sale $0.00
Wide plank flooring $0.00

Reclaimed Cobblestone $0.00
Timber Trusses $0.00
3 inch wide Wormy Chestnut Flooring $0.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine and Oak Flooring - 2.5" and 3/25" face $0.00

Reclaimed Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedar $0.00
Heartpine Joist Material Wide $0.00
Wide R & W Oak Flooring Reclaimed $0.00
Reclaimed Doug Fir Timbers (Patina) $0.00

Ludowici Closed Shingle Tile $0.00
Reclaimed Clay Roof Tiles $0.00
Reclaimed Pavers $0.00
Reclaimed Pine Barn Siding $0.00

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Rough-Sawn/Square Edge and Beams $0.00
Reclaimed Fir Beams $0.00
Reclaimed Weathered Grey Barn Lumber $0.00
Silver Grey Barnwood $0.00

Reclaimed Antique Long Leaf Heart Pine $0.00
Antique Reclaimed Red and White Oak Flooring $0.00
Antique Reclaimed Heartpine Flooring $0.00
Heart Pine Plank $0.00

Reclaimed antique long leaf heart pine $0.00
Reclaimed Milwaukee Cream City Brick $0.00
Pittsburg Brick $0.00
Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding $0.00

Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding $0.00
Terra Cotta roof tiles $0.00
Reclaimed Granite Pavers $0.00
Reclaimed Weathered Gray Barn Siding $0.00

Reclaimed Cypress from Pickle Tanks $0.00
Reclaimed Douglas Fir Beam Stock $0.00
Reclaimed Weather Pine $0.00
Wood Beam Stock $0.00

Reclaimed Wall Brick $0.00
Reclaimed Bowling Alley $0.00
Reclaimed antique longleaf heart pine $0.00
Water-Recovered Pre-Finished Solid Pine Flooring $0.00

Slate Roof Tile $0.00
Old Growth Recovered Heart Cypress $0.00
Old Growth Recovered Pecky Cypress $0.00
Reclaimed Pine Joists $0.00

Reclaimed white oak joists $0.00
Reclaimed barn wood $0.00
Project Cancelled: NEW Commercial Streetlight/Walkway Luminaires $0.00
Reclaimed common size brick $0.00

Reclaimed wormy chestnut beams $0.00
Reclaimed tan brick pavers $0.00
Reclaimed Oak and Pine Barn Lumber $0.00
Reclaimed Douglas Fir Timbers $0.00

River Recovered Antique Heart Pine and CypressLogs Available $0.00
4,200 BF Antique Heart Pine, 3"x13"x14' $0.00
Purington pavers $0.00
Old St. Louis brick $0.00

Reclaimed old Carolina brick $0.00
Coffeyville brick pavers $0.00
Reclaimed Snow Fence Pine $0.00
Clinker brick $0.00

Sinker cypress $0.00
Reclaimed barn wood $0.00
Pecky sinker cypress $0.00
Select Grade KD Heart Cypress $0.00