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Excess new Viracon storefront glass

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Excess new Viracon storefront glass saved from the landfill from the cancelled West Edge Plaza Project on the West side of the Plaza. Material was to be used in the ground-level storefront areas. The material was never installed and has been in storage waiting for use in your upcoming project. The attached material list has the dimensions and quantities of the 1” thick, double-pane, low-E panels without frames. These panels have been used on a number of projects (see attached images) for interior and exterior projects. With known dimensions and quantities (and no lead time for manufacturing), this material is a great option.

Glass panels available from a project that was started and never completed. Panels range in size and in assembly as the project was cancelled, mid-project. Some panels have framing installed and many are panes still in their original crates. An example of sizes range from 59"x134", 59"x19", 67"x19", 59"x133", and many more. Summary of exact sizes available upon request and the attachments are a sampling of the available panels. This Material is Located in: Kansas City, MO Quantity Available: 300+


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