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Reclaimed Chicago Common Brick

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Reclaimed Chicago Common brick - cleaned, palletized and ready for install on your project.

1,500 pallets of 530 brick available.

Chicago common brick; reclaimed from demolition sites.   Also known as "Old Chicago" brick, these are natural clay,  brick made in the Chicago area from the late 1800's up until the early 1970's.  They come in varying tones of pink and buff.  Every batch of brick is slightly different in exact shade, but the general hue is usually a terra-cotta color ranging from light to medium  pink  or salmon color, sometimes with highlights of gold, yellow or even flecks of black.  The famous "Old Chicago" brick have have been a feature of building and paving (warm climates only) projects all over the U.S. for generations.

Not recommended for paving in areas where there is any freeze/thaw, due to their high absorption rate. 


Type: Commercial

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