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Reclaimed oak beams, joists and decking

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This is not a complete list and some liberties have been taken: No roof sheeting boards calculated, no building addition wood counted except siding, outside verticals not included only long inside, no knee bracing even the longer stuff, low recovery given to floor, sleepers calculated at 42' 7bf /ft( they over lap 4' each way so this is a minimum avg each at 22ft..


Rafters calculated in total length from plate to plate. 

48pcs 7"x12"x22' sleeper     7392bf

240 lin ft 9.5x11" stringers        1920 bf

16pc 7x10x19' verts      1026 bf

34 rows 2x6 rafter each row at 50' 1700 bf

120 lin ft 7x10 coller ties               600 bf

640 lin ft top/bottom plate and purlins 6bf/ft min  3840 bf

25% floor  1500bf

siding at 12' 280 lin ft includes addition siding 3360 bf

580 lin ft 4x4 min    773 bf

grainery wood  500 bf min

22,611 board feet total




Type: Commercial

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