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Lighting & Ceiling Fans - Sort By: Price Low-High

Let there be light! Our wide selection of lighting includes fixtures, chandeliers, lamps and more, all ranging from rustic to retro. Keep your cool with our collection of ceiling fans.

Excess New Commercial Parking Lot Fixtures $0.00
Project Cancelled: NEW Commercial Streetlight/Walkway Luminaires $0.00
Fixer-upper, Exterior Lighting $40.00
Unique and Stylish Ceiling Light Fixture $65.00

Lovely Exterior Wall Sconce with Natural Patina $75.00
Exterior Wall Sconce with Beautiful Patina Sold Out - $110.00
Commercial Light $200.00
Commercial Light $225.00

Commercial Light $300.00
Commercial Light $300.00
Crystal Chandelier, 5 light $398.50
Vintage Flashing Party Light $500.00

Alabaster Basin Light Chandelier $850.00
Spun Aluminum Modern Light Fixture $3,300.00