Omega Center for Sustainable Living

The OCSL is an environmental education center and natural water reclamation facility built to meet the highest standards currently available in sustainable architecture. It is the first green building in the United States to achieve both LEED® Platinum and Living Building Challenge™ certification.
Location: Rhinebeck, NY

Reclaimed/Reuse Materials

  • Toilet Partitions – from office building remodel
  • Douglas Fir Trimwork - from warehouse deconstruction project
  • Dimensional Lumber – from Obama’s 2008 Inauguration stage material (2x material and plywood)
  • Plywood material - from a roofing deconstruction project
  • Mushroom Board Siding – from regional mushroom farm
  • Doors - from office building and schools
  • Material Fact Sheet: Here


Architect: BNIM

Client: Omega Institute

Contractor: Sember Construction