Ecohawks Research Facility

EcoHawks, a student research program run by the University of Kansas School of Engineering, focuses on alternative energy for transportation. The rapid expansion of the program has led to the need for a new facility to showcase the EcoHawks’ research, providing Studio 804 with an opportunity to continue its tradition of designing and constructing high-quality, innovative and sustainable buildings.

The similar ideologies and goals of both the EcoHawks program and Studio 804 makes the collaboration of the two groups a natural partnership.

The iconic building will aid in the research, fabrication and refurbishment of electric vehicles. The EcoHawks Engineering Research and Teaching Facility will contain designated areas for computer workstations and prototype testing. High-bay fabrication spaces will be completely glazed to allow visitors to view research in progress and allow for maximum visibility and solar gain.

To offset the high heat transfer and improve energy performance, Studio 804 is developing a system to raise and lower aerogel panels behind the glass façade. Using passive and active sustainable systems and technologies, the building is intended to be Studio 804’s sixth LEED Platinum building.

Reclaimed/Reused Materials

  • Excess new exterior and interior glazing from a cancelled project - 120+ panels