Manhattan High School Expansion

Architect: Gould Evans
Owner: USD 383—Manhattan-Ogden Public Schools
PlanetReuse provided 10,000SF of Reclaimed Cypress wall cladding
Human inquiry was the primary driver in the reorganization of this high school campus, which had undergone multiple additions to accommodate a growing student population. The design team’s research pointed to two primary issues plaguing this growth: a lack of organization, and consequently, a lack of community.

Gould Evans addressed the issues of organizational clarity and transparency of program by consolidating commons, cafeteria, library and media center into a highly visible academic core, nestled between two light-filled and rejuvenated courtyards. The core serves as a social and connective “living room,” with blurred boundaries between interior/exterior and social/academic programs. Within this core, spaces accessible to the community are distinguished from student spaces with rich material texture. To further support clear way finding and circulation, a new building “language” was overlaid upon the campus at a multitude of scales. In some cases this language is literal, as in the braille signage; in some cases material, as in the graphic patterns embedded in the long runs of lockers or exterior building panels that transition tonally across the facade; and in some cases conceptual, as in the dappled light that filters through the exterior scrim.