The Patio on Goldfinch

PlanetReuse provided 3,100 SF of reclaimed wood paneling and flooring milled from dense hardwoods from tropical lowlands.

This is one of the many projects that PlanetReuse has worked on with our West Coast partner, Sustainability Matters. Rounding out many sustainable services that Sustainability Matters, provides, PlanetReuse helped by providing beautiful reclaimed materials throughout the interior.

Nestled in the historic neighborhood of Mission Hills, you’ll find The Patio on Goldfinch, a gathering place where you can Relax-Enjoy-Share. Similar to the Pacific Beach location, The Patio on Goldfinch features a living green wall, Torrey Pines table, outdoor fireplace, and pet-friendly patio. Everyone is naturally drawn to the huge, gorgeous plant wall in the back of the room, designed by The Patio's on-staff decorator Bea Arrues.

The plant wall is libidinously lush. It looks like vegetarian taxidermy, as if Champion-Cain and Ted Nugent went down to Brazil, shot the rainforest and had it stuffed. Plant walls are now the modern version of 1970s fern bars. They add oxygen and life to all the strikingly dead-dead-dead design materials that are en vogue these days (concrete, steel, barn wood). There's another plant wall on the al fresco patio. Patio ownership is going for LEED Platinum certificationwith the restaurant (as eco-friendly as you can get), but should at least hit LEED Gold.

Photos by:  San Diego Magazine